Hi, I'm Todd

If you have any questions about my creations, terms or shipping, or have a custom creation in mind you’d like us to make a reality together, I’d love to hear from you. 



After already spending one full career as a fire suppression pilot, I now take advantage of my natural gifts and use them to help others uplift, enhance and truly transform your personal and/or professional space.

My environment-conscious creations are built from recycled materials and have been featured in public parks, multiple art galleries, and various publications. I feel the most accomplished when my work brings uplifted appreciation and enhancement to the personal environment around the people seeking me out, as well as to public spaces that can be appreciated by many. 

Through my art and design, I can provide exponential improvements in your environment and open your eyes to new possibilities, whether it'll be indoor or outdoor, large or small, grand or subtle, and whether it’s for your personal nest, or for your entire social gathering space.

When I’m not designing, inventing, and/or creating various pieces, I can be found enjoying multiple environments; from up in the sky flying planes, to underwater, diving with sharks and other amazing and mysterious sea creatures, or occasionally silently allowing myself to see natural art forms occurring everywhere around us that couldn't be seen or wouldn't be noticed while being active.

Personal Space Embellishment by Todd Smith